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Fishing Village’s exclusive ‘kakuam’ fishing boat sauna
3 hours 299 EUR; every next hour 50 EUR The sauna of the complex is unique all over the world. The sauna is built in a real kakuam boat, the…
299 €
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What could be more memorable and magical than sleeping under the stars in our Glamping tents? Here, you can create moments that you can later…
99 €
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1-12 hours 99 EUR There is enough room for four people in the sauna and the juniper chips on the walls of the cosy sauna…
99 €
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Boat House at Fishing Village
4-le inimesele 140 EUR; iga lisanduv inimene 20 EUR Fishing Village is a unique holiday and leisure centre in Pärnu by the River Sauga. Boat…
140 €
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Bicycle rental
adult 7 EUR; child 4 EUR Fishing Village bicycle rental has 3 bikes for hire.
7 €
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Fishing village harbor

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