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Fishing Village 

Boat rental, Harbour, Harbour Cafe: Uus-Sauga 62, Pärnu 80033
Accommodation, Caravan, Slip: Kaste tee 1, Eametsa küla, Tori vald, Pärnumaa
Mobile: +372 50 97 841 ; +372 533 25 400
E-post: info@fishingvillage.ee

If you come by a caravan or would like to use our slip, then turn to Kaste road from Saugamõisa road. Lennusalk bus stop is 50 m from us. Buses No 23 and 30 stop here. If you would like to rent a boat or you a customer of the harbour, you can leave your vehicle in the car park at 62 Uus-Sauga

Fishing village harbor

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Tel +372 50 97 841
Eametsa küla, Sauga vald, Pärnumaa
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