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Boat House at Fishing Village
140 €

4-le inimesele 140 EUR; iga lisanduv inimene 20 EUR

Fishing Village is a unique holiday and leisure centre in Pärnu by the River Sauga. Boat House with a view of the river and pond is a cosy 50 m2 two-story log cabin. The ground floor has an open-plan kitchen, a large corner sofa bed and a shower. The first floor has a common-purpose room with three separate beds and a bedroom with two beds. The house is suitable for four, but can also accommodate 7, if necessary. The kitchen has an oven, a stove, kitchenware, and a dish washer.
We can also rent you a boat for fishing or pleasure cruising on the River Sauga.
TV in room, WIFI
Air conditioner
Bed linen

+372 5097841 or online
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Tel +372 50 97 841
Eametsa küla, Sauga vald, Pärnumaa
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