Fishing by motorboat for a group

starting from: €725

Duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 10–50 people
Prices from: €725
Price: €50 per person
An additional hour for the group: €99

Bring your friends and let us go fishing! No prior experience is necessary. We will teach you everything that you need to know. The fishing guide teaches you how to use a spinning rod. For a larger group, we will take the boat Johanna. You will all become excellent fishermen. Good luck!

The price includes:

  • motor boats
  • spinning rod kit with one spare lure per participant
  • safety equipment
  • recreational fishing licence for each participant


  • Dress according to the weather – we recommend you wear multiple layers.
  • We recommend you bring a change of clothes; you can take a shower if you wish.
  • The trip will still take place if it rains, so bring a raincoat or a water-repellent jacket.
  • Rainboots are useful, but not necessary in dry weather.
You can buy more lures on site. You can also bring your own equipment.

We organise fishing events for groups all year round. In winter, the trips take place on ice, on various water bodies of Pärnu County.

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fishing & harbour

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