Angling from the berth

PRICE: €25

One set: €25

Bring the whole family and fish from our berth. Our Bait Shop offers simple hand lines, bait, buckets, chairs, and fish cages. A fishing guide will give you a quick briefing, after which you will be able to fish on your own.
The main fish that can be caught from the shore are the European perch, the Northern pike, the crucian carp, the ruffe, the common bream, the tench, the common carp, the common bleak, the roach, the common chub, and the white bream. Other species may also occur.
If necessary, you can buy dry bait and fishing equipment from the Bait Shop on site.

The price includes:

  • a simple hand line
  • fishing bait (worms, maggots)
  • a recreational fishing licence is not required if you comply with the Fishing Act
  • use of the berth for accommodation visitors throughout the period of their stay
  • a life jacket


  • Dress according to the weather – we recommend you wear multiple layers.
  • We recommend fishing in rainy weather, so bring a rainproof cape or water-repellent jacket.

Fishing Act:

Everyone may fish, free of charge and without having applied for the right to fish, with one simple hand line on a public water body and a water body designated for public use. You must take into account closed seasons, locations, and restrictions on fish species.
A simple hand line consists of a fishing rod, a line with a length of 1.5 fishing rods, a single fish hook, a weight, and a fishing float. Only natural bait is used for fishing.

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